The War for Bellum

A Sea of Green

Having completed his goal at The Battle of Assaye, Arthur Wellesley moved his army back to the city of Victoria. With Warboss Gutzmassha following so closely behind, the army had to keep moving or be caught by the horde. The problem was the refugees they had rescued was not improving the speed.

After several days of marching, orders were given to 14th Periphery to act as rear guard. 1st Squad began looking for any place to hide the refugees. During this time they found a small group of refugees wearing old gray uniforms with wolf pelts. An old man with one scared eye, introduced himself as their leader, his name Captain Loup.

When the Orks began to attack the rear of the forces, 1st Squad and Loup held the line while the rest of the regiment made there way to a village to hold the line there. Loup and his men proved to be very well trained and disciplined. Pulling back, the 14th began to set up defenses at a small group of villas to hold of the oncoming Ork attack. They quickly tried to set up defenses, with lascannons and autocannons set up in the houses. Castus and Sargent Harper maned the north wall and gate, while Lieutenant Morris, Faye, and Bane maned the largest of three houses. Loup volunteered for his men to join the fight and acted as a reserve. Obidiah Hakeswill climbed up on one of the houses with a long-las.

The Orks attacked in force. The Orks held their attack while their artillery began to bombard the villas. It was not until the Imperial Guard artillery began to fire that the Orks began their assault. Bane and his squad began opening up on the larger targets, the Trukks and the Lobbas being priority targets. Gretchin were launched up the walls to secure the ladders. Wave after wave and the of Orks crashed in to the walls. Trukks were sent to crash through the gate, each failing to make it there thanks to the efforts of the autocannons and the lascannons. It was not until a damaged trukks crashed into the wall and their Ork artillery began to target the weak point that the Orks finally breached the wall. Harper’s squad took heavy casualties and Harper fell from the wall. The Orks began to pour through the breach. Bane began to suppress the area as Castus charged into the breach. As the Guard regrouped, Castus and Harper held the Orks back until the the Guard formed a firing line. Harper dragged the Commissar out of the way as the Guard open fire.

As the battle raged, Faye and Morris were trying there best to hold the Orks off as they tried to break through the windows. Faye desperately tried to help what guardsmen she could, but with Morris demanding she stay close to help him if he needed any help there was little she could but stay there. At around this time Warboss Gutzmassha appeared on the field. Bane began to target him immediately fire upon him. Bane was able to take out both his vehicle and the Warboss’ hat, which just enraged the Ork. The Warboss charged through the breach and the engaged with both Castus and Harper. Both Guardsman could not get through the armor, while reinforcements from the 45th Mordian Armored regiment arrived. While tanks began to ripping through the Orks, Gutzmassha slashed through the Commissar and sent him flying to the ground. The Warboss just picked him up the Commissar’s hat and started to leave. Hakeswill fired a long las a the Ork and missed, but Bane was the only one that noticed that he did miss. Gutzmassha’s eye burst into flames, as what looked like las fire burst into flames. Bane felt something was wrong, and that feeling just made him look at Loup. As Faye rushed to Castus side and provided medical attention, Bane went to up to Loup and asked him who he really was and why he was here. His response was short and simple.
“I am Colonel Loup. I am here because we share a common enemy.”


Admiral_Grim Admiral_Grim

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