The War for Bellum

Going Green

Months after the events of the Battle for Victoria, the 14th was once again is called into active duty as the newly promoted Arthur Wellesley takes command of the Army. The army began to move north to deal with a different enemy, Orks.

The General accompanied the 14th towards the newly formed front, against Warboss Gutsmassha. After making camp, 1st Squad went out on patrol. They soon encountered booth Gretchin and Orks with their “kleva traps”. After returning from base they were debriefed about tomorrows battle, where they will take out a Ork base.

Volunteering for night patrol 1st Squad moved, along with Obidiah Hakeswill, through the woods and encountered nothing. Returning to base, they found it under attack by Ork Kommandos. After clearing the area around the armory and the medicae, they joined up with Lieutenant Krauss and moved to secure the General. Meanwhile Faye, remained at the medicae to take care of the wounded. Minutes later an Ork entered the Medicae tent.

Castus, leading the others to secure the base, found the General under attack by Ork Kommandos. Securing him Castus and Krauss returned to the Medicae tent and found Faye wrapping a Ork Kommando in bandages and a Gretchin trying to break into a cookie jar. They quickly dispatched them.

The next day A company moved forward to take out an Ork base. 1st platoon was tasked to attack the base’s right flank. After moving in to position, they could see that they would have to move through a lot of open ground which was covered by Ork heavy weapons. After handing out smoke grenades, the order to attack was given. Moving through the cover of smoke 1st Squad was able to take the first bunker but became pinned down by more Ork weapons. While regrouping they repelled an attack from Gretchin and Squig Bombs. Once night fell they charged once again and began to topple the outer defenses. After moving further into the base 1st Squad encountered a Nob trying to rally the Orks. With the help of Obidiah, the were able to take him out destroy the base. Upon returning to camp Commissar Castus had Hakeswill awarded a medal and Keeghan was promoted to captain.


Admiral_Grim Admiral_Grim

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