A priest attached to the 14th


A former Maccabian Janissary, he has an aquila scarred on to his forehead.


Born in a world of torment. Life was hard as a young child of the god emperor. Disease plagued the nearby cities and I was poor. On one day I felt the warmth of the sun shine down upon me and it was like no other I had felt before. It was as if someone was reaching down upon me and holding me close. I looked around and there nearby was a statue of the god emperor. It was then I knew what I must do.

I joined the imperial guard and was sent of to the worlds of Maccabeus. It was there I received rigorous training on how to be a guardsmen. I wanted to do more for the god emperor so I also joined the Ecclesiarchy. I wanted his name to be remembered each time someone saw my face so I scarred the aquilla into my forehead. Each day I learned the scripture and litanies to be spoken. It wasn’t all book and writing though. I was put through a harsh training with flame and chain. Learning how to smite my foes with the god emperor looking down upon me. This training would soon help me.

It was on my first few missions that I encountered something horrific. I was sent off to worlds that had been plagued much like my own but were also under the influence of the ruinous powers. As we contained the plague a hole was ripped in the materium and out poured the powers of chaos. These demons were wrecked with pustules and rot. They were led by a hideous looking being for whom I know not the name but the smell and face. My comrades were stricken with disease even if they survived the battles with him. Not me, for I was the emperor’s weapon and I struck down this foe. No matter how many times he came back I rose to the challenge.

Yet through all my conflicts I came to see more things then I had wish to in war. Death, rot, men and women dying a horrible and cruel fate. This turmoil would help me steel myself from fear of all that war had to throw at me. I also took it upon myself to bless their souls that they may join the emperor in death as I silenced their painful cries. With their deaths I would rally my comrades and squads, I gazed down upon them and spoke with religious might. Hundreds if not thousands heard my speeches. Growing their hatred towards our foe and eventually driving them off the worlds that they had stricken with disease and death.

For now I go where I am needed. Spreading his name and faith while striking down all that would oppose him.


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