Arthur Wellesley

The Commanding officer charged with retaking Bellum


An tall man, with a natural air of authority. He earned his nick name, “Ole Nosey”, for his somewhat large and crooked nose. He is always impeccably dressed and usually wears his medals in plain view. He is prone to brief flashed of anger but quickly regains his composure.


Formerly of the a Praetorian Infantry regiment, after the destruction of his regiment he was made Colonel of the 14th Periphery. During the Dark Eldar assault on HQ he was the first to get his regiment to mount an effective counter assault. After the incident involving the Dark Eldar and The Battle for Victoria he was promoted to General and placed in charge of the campaign to eliminate the Ork threat on Bellum.

He is an extremely capable strategist, and very resolute officer. He detests long sieges and attempts to end them quickly. He is an expert in logistics and keeps the army well supplied. Recently he has been having to deal with some of the politics of Bellum, as the new regiments are razed from the planet, insisting on more glorious assignments.

He is a strict disciplinarian. He has been know to refer to the men as “the scum of the earth”

He has been nicknamed “Old Nosey” by the lower ranks. The General tolerates this.

During the Campaign against the Orks, he devised a plan where he could destroy the now heretical city of Victoria and eliminate the Orks in one blow. He coordinated with members of the Imperial Navy to enter the system and attack the city, by which point he will have lured the entire Ork force to the city.

He managed to beat the Warboss Gutzmassha during The Battle of Assaye, and stirred the whole Ork horde to chase his army all the way back to Victoria. He was forced to hold the line a few times in order to time his strategy correctly. Once he drew the Whaag! back to the city of Victoria, he ordered the army to hold the line until the Imperial Navy destroyed what was left of the city along with the entire Ork Whaag!.

With arrival of the forces of Chaos, he was forced to fight a defensive war. Every time he had been able to advance, he has been forced to pull back due to enemy movements elsewhere. But with arrival of the Imperial Navy and the reinforcements he was finally able to go on the offensive. He quickly dealt with the Severan Dominate, but was force to deal with a plague of unbelief.

After the defeat of Loup and the city of Victoria retaken, Bellum was declared pacified. Arthur was made Lord Governor and the majority of the regiment was absorbed into the planets population.

Five years later, the new Lord Governor was having a difficult time. The planets population has become disorderly and riots and we constant. He implemented strict curfews and laws. During one speech around the anniversary of the Pacification, an attempt was made on his life. As Castus pursued the sniper, Faye saw to the wounds.

With the help of Hogan they discovered that xenos might be aiding the rebels. Arthur sent 1st Squad to deal with the mining outposts that had rebelled.

Arthur Wellesley

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