A Heavy Gunner in the 1st Platoon


So you want to know how it is that I ended up here with this Regiment huh? Very well then, it all began when I just turned sixteen. My father, who has served in the Imperial Guard before I was born, told me that I should volunteer my services to the Imperium and join the Whiteshields, my mother agreed so later that day I was being sent off to join a Whiteshield Platoon. Thats when I found out that the Whiteshield Platoon I was with was being assigned to the 352nd Cadian Regiment. After I heard that we were being assigned to the 352nd I was excited since I now had my chance to serve the Emperor and one day be a full fledged Guardsman.

After we left Cadi to join with the regiment at Hubris, the Sergeant, Sergeant Jourgen, showed us where we would sleep, eat, and train while enroute. Shortly after the tour Sergeant Jourgen had us all assemble in the training room to start our training so we don’t make fools of ourselves that much. First thing we did after got all our gear was to form up and great ready to be broken down into squads. Once squads were formed we took turns on the firing line to get familiar with our lasguns. I was a much better shot with it than most of the platoon and decided to hone in my ability to zone in on my target at range. The following days were very much the same, eat, sleep, and train.

The flight to rondevu with the regiment seemed shorter than the week we were told it would take us to reach them, as we finally met up with the 352nd on Hubris. We landed at the spaceport on the surface where we were met by Sergeant Major Abnett. He led us to our barracks and explained how things work here. The next day was the most boring day I can remember about being there, I thought all the briefings we had to sit through would never end. After the first week had passed by I was pretty much used to how things went, but four years later things were never going to be the same.

I remember the day when our scanners detected Ork ships heading toward us, I remember thinking to myself it’s about time for some action, but I was in for a bigger surprise than I thought. As we prepared our defenses for the Orks arrival, Sergeant Jourgen told us that the Whiteshields would follow 3rd Company and 4th Company on the right flank as 1st and 2nd Companies hold the left, leaving the 916th Armored Comapny to hold the middle and support the flanks when needed. We marched to our positions in what felt record time as our eagerness went up as the Orks got closer. Reports came in saying the Orks will land in the morning, finalize all preperations, I thought to myself “Tomorrow I prove myself.”

I awoke to the thunderous roar of cannon fire for the Orks landed sooner than what was predicted. Quickly I got ready and ran to my position to see the surface of Hubris had turned into a scorched battlefield filled with what looked like a never ending wave of greenskins as the sun creeped over the horizon. Soon as the Orks were in range we lit them up to what seemed as a useless effort until the Sentinals opened up on them, but they didn’t last to long as Ork rockets took them out just as fast as they arrived. Sergeant Jourgen was on the radio calling for artillary, 3rd and 4th Companies were busy firing and caring for the wound, while the rest of the Whiteshields were either shooting at the Orks or getting themselves killed by panicing.

Before to long, one of the officers said that the left flank is about to be overrun, and we are ordered to fall back to the fort before we get flanked. I couldn’t believe it at first that two companies and some armor from the other regiment had fallen in under three hours. Did they face that many more Orks than we did, I asked myself, but before I could answer that everything went black. I awoke two hours later in the medical bay. The medic saw that I was waking up and told me that I was knocked out from a explosion and now that I’m awake I was to report for duty since I have no injuries. As I walked out I saw Sergeant Jourgen, he informed me that only 7 members of the Whiteshield platoon had survived the intial attack and that command has sent the request for Adeptus Astartes assistance.

After the first day the 352nd suffered more than 50% casualties and the 916th Armored suffered 35%. I was in shock until the sirens were going off because the Orks were already heading for us again. Before the Whiteshields went to there defensive position, Sergeant Major Abnett stopped us and told us that we were no longer Whiteshields but fell into 352nd Regiment 4th Company 3rd Platoon. As we reached our position, a auto-cannon position was hit. I ran over to them and saw that one of the two men was still alive, another Guardsman called the medic as I checked on the auto-cannon. The cannon was still in working condition, and preceded to man it.

Before I knew it the other Guardsman was helping me load the auto-cannon, her name was Natalya. As I fired the auto-cannon I noticed the main gate was the center of the Ork attack and I concentrated my shots in support of the gate. After 4 hours the Ork front seemed to have stopped and we were happy about it for we have won this fight. Finally we had a moment to breath and rest as artillary pounded away on thier positions in preperation for our counter attack. Just as we were about to move out we heard that the Imperial Navy above us had just been destroyed, but not by the Orks, the forces of Chaos have joined in the fray. So now we were cut off from all help as we fought the Orks and soon the traitorous legions.

Four days have passed since the Orks and Chaos Space Marines arrived and it has been pretty quiet except for the occassional in and out bound artillary shots. We figured that the Orks have turned thier attention towards Chaos as they represented a bigger threat to them than we did at the current time. Scouts reported that Chaos and Orks are constintly fighting and the moment for us strike at the heart of one of them was close at hand. We had no choice but to wait another few days for the right moment and that moment had finally come. The 352nd led the way as the 916th Armored followed right behind. Finally we had the Ork base in sight, tempeture dropping quick for the ice weather is arriving, and the advantage is now in our favor.

Once everyone was in position we struck at the Orks. Me and Natalya rushed to our position and set up the auto-cannon to give fire support to the rest of the regiment as they assualted the weakend Ork base. The fight didn’t last long and the casualties were slighty lower than what was expected, till Chaos decided to appear behind us. Chaos quickly gained the upper hand and had us pinned between what was left of the Ork forces and thier forces. Thinking this was it for me I turned the auto-cannon towards Chaos and was prepared to take all the heretics I could before I fell. Being so focused on taking out the forces of Chaos I didn’t realize why they didn’t keep charging us. Natalya turned around and saw that the Adeptus Astartes had arrived, so she started cheering which made me look to see what had happened and I started cheering for a minute before I started firing again.

A few days later we had killed the last of the heretic from the traitorous Skull Takers of Hans Kho’ren, thanks to Space Marine Chapter Brazen Claws. Though we had victory, the 352nd has been decimated with only a handful of us surviving that week long fight. The Brazen Claws remained on the planet till new Imperial Guard regiments arrived, the remaining members of the 916th Armored also stayed, but for us of the 352nd we were sent here. and thats the story of how I ended up here.


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