Captain Keeghan

CO of the A company


Keeghan is a average looking Elysian, but a little unlucky. Like most Elysian he is a bit on the adventurous side.


Formerly of an Elysian Drop Trooper. Keeghan was placed in command of the 1st platoon of A company. He is a adventurous officer. He moved worked closely with Commissar Castus to run the platoon.

Through out the the beginning of the deployment Keeghan was passed over for promotion a few times. During the Battle for Proelium, he led the platoon in to the under-city. He distracted the the main Dark Eldar force while 1st squad went deeper into the Malev’s laboratory. While he was saved by Obidiah Hakeswill and has seemed to be on edge whenever he is near the sergeant.

He continued to act as the platoon CO during the campaign against the Orks. After the first battle he was promoted to captain. Now in charge of A company, he proved to a competent and well liked commander.

When the forces of Chaos arrived on the planet, he volunteered the 1st company for more and more dangerous missions just to ensure that they would be better supplied. He has been more on the front lines for these missions to show he is also risking his own life as wells as his men for the needed supplies.

During the Outbreak, Keeghan became separated from the company along with a few other members.

He joined up with survivors of the Cadian 342nd and lasted with them until he regrouped with members of 2nd Squad. He and 2nd squad then ventured into the city where they found 1st Squad under attack and proceeded to relieve their forces.

Once the attackers were beaten back they rallied and attacked Loup and Marcus’ men at the Cathedral. After Bellum was pacified he was promoted to the rank of Colonel in command of the PDF.

5 years later, Keeghan has been busy dealing with feral orks and the occasional mob. No longer able to be on the front line, he has become bored. He has however become a popular political figure in the past few years. Rumors abound that he may be having a romance with someone in the ranks.

Captain Keeghan

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