Colonel Johnson

Commander of the Gromlin 89th


Slightly taller than average and very thin. Quick-witted and even tempered, the Colonel is rarely in any sort of foul mood. To the men of the 89th he sometimes seems cold and aloof, but the Colonel uses his executive officers when it come to dealing with the men


Colonel Jordan Johnson is the commanding officer of The Gromlin 89th. His skill with a sword has been proven time and again, single-handed defeating a war boss. His eccentricities has made him decide to take a cane concealing power sword. One of his most heroic moments is when he Major Matherly took their plasma pistols and killed an Eldar avatar. During the incursion on the agriworld of Jamal, he to lead the defense of the planet against the hive fleet. During the temporary alliance with the Orks, he was one of the few officers the greenskins would converse with due to the fact that in an earlier skirmish he, single-handed, killed a war boss. He was even the one who killed the governor; who had become tainted by the tryanids genestealers. When the Orks betrayed the alliance he defended the Imperial Guard headquarters. After he defeated the nobz he then pushed the Orks not only out of the hive, but off the entire planet and into the waiting gun batteries of the Imperial Navy. He was decorated for his valor, courage, and genius in battle.

Now he leads the 89th into the Spinward Front. Already deployed on to Bellum he is quick to move his men againts the traitor and the Orks.

When the 14th moved against Malev, it was Colonel Johnson that led the offensive. He sent his Storm Trooper squads with what was left of the 14th down into the under-city to rescue the Inquisitor, while he and the rest of the 89th took care of the Severan Dominate forces. When the 1st Squad emerged with news of Malevs plan, he lent the one of his regiments Valkyries to get to Victoria. He then moved his regiment as quickly as he could to Victoria and participated in the final part of The Battle for Victoria.

During Arthur Wellesley campaign against the Orks, Colonel Johnson was order to fight against the Severan Dominate forces and ensure they did not interfere with the General’s plan. Which the 89th was more than happy with, for they had there favored enemy all to themselves. He did, however, send and armored detachment under Commander Rashid to support the 14th against the green tide.

During the months that Bellum had been cut off, the Colonel and the 89th were deployed to combat with the resurgence of the Severan Dominate forces. With supplies as low as they are the 89th have not been fairing well against the enemy and are spread a bit thin.

During the final attack against the Severan Dominate, Colonel Johnson led his men in the forlorn hope assault. Unfortunately he was wounded by the explosions that nearly destroyed his regiment.

During the Plague he was bedridden by his injuries and force to leave the command to his XO while he recovered. Under orders from Hogan, he sent Commissar Memphis and a full company to contain the outbreak.

Colonel Johnson

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