Colonel Lawford

The Commanding Officer of the 14th


A highly intelligent officer, he is a close friend to Arthur Wellesley. Recently had his right arm replaced with a cybernetic replacement.


Not particularly close to the men, Lawford is never the less a brilliant commanding officer. Coming from a Praetorian background like General Wellesley, he tends to be a bit more rigid a more highborn than most of the regiment. Over the years he has built a good working relationship with the General as well as with Major Michael Hogan.

Although more of a command and control type of officer, he is not afraid to get in the thick of the fighting and proved that during the The 2nd Battle for Victoria.

With the Chaos Invasion, he began to lead more from the front and during one forlorn assault to retake the Proelium, he lost his arm and had to have it replaced. During the Outbreak he managed to get out of the city before the quarantine, but now is a commander without a command.

During the Outbreak he sent 2nd Squad in to find any elements of his former regiment. After the battle at the Cathedral, Bellum was classified as pacified. He was promoted to General and given full command over the PDF.

Colonel Lawford

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