Commissar Castus

Commissar of A company


Player: Chris

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
42 42 31 40 41 30 41 45 33
Movement: 4/8/12/24 Wounds: 15 Faith: 5 CP: 0 IP: 1


Athletics, Awareness, Command, Common Lore (Periphery), Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (Imperial Guard) +10, Common Lore (War), Dodge, Intimidate, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Linguistics (High Gothic), Parry, Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Scrutiny

Talents & Traits

Unshakable Faith, Rapid Reload, Air of Authority, Cold Hearted, Weapons Training (Bolt, Chain, Las), Ambidextrous, Nerves of Steel, Fearless, True Grit, Two Weapon Wielder (Melee, Range), Blademaster, Quick Draw, Hardy, Sidearm, Signature Item, Sound Constitution,


Agility, Finesse, Leadership, Perception, Fellowship, Weapon Skill, Willpower, Toughness, Ballistic Skill


Honorifica Imperialis Awarded for the defense of the City of Victoria
Ribbion Intrinsic Awarded for taking part in the Battle for Victoria
5 Medallion Crimson Awarded for taking serious injury
Inquisitorial Service Medal Awarded for serving under the Command of an Inquisitor
Winged Skull Inspirational leadership leading to righteous victory
Triple Skull Awarded to the remainder of any unit that survives a battle after having taken over 66% casualties
Champion’s Commendation Awarded for Killing Warboss Gutzmassha
Liberator’s Honourium Awarded for rescuing Inquisitor Otto Carius from the clutches of Malev
Clandestine Order of St. Meleum Awarded for Killing a Chaos Space Marine

The Lord Commissar by the name of Anton walks to the window overlooking the parade ground. Out there stands all of the recruits that had recently graduated. In perfect rows stand storm troopers, junior commissars, adeptus arbites and possible inquisitors. There are many women that would no doubt join the one of the Orders of the Adepta Sororitas. Soon they would board transports that would take them to their new destinations. Already he could hear the shuttles bringing in more recruits that would eventually graduate as well.Anton finishes the last of his amasec and walks over to one of the tables in his office. He is a practical man and his office is very spartan. The table he walks over to has a decanter of amasec. He pours himself another glass and sits at his desk. On his desk are files of all of the recruits he has trained. An inquisitor would be by shortly to pick them up to take to the many offices of the Administratum. Anton places the files in a perfect pile. When he is finished he notices the name of one of the files. He recognizes the name immediately; a certain Progena by the name of Castus. The Lord Commissar picks up the file and thumbs through its contents. The first section he reads is the date of Castus’ birth and the family he had at the time. The family was small with many family members already dead or in the Cadian Interior Guard. Though he still had a mother and father at the time.
Castus was born: Father: Officer in the Imperial Navy; Mother: Adept for the Administratum based on Cadia. The Commissar thinks about the implications for a moment. Castus always was a good student, but always struggled in the combat aspect of the Schola. However, his stubbornness meant he always finished his tasks even if it took longer than it should have.
Father of Castus missing in action presumed dead.
Anton remembers reading about that particular action. Castus’s father was a captain of a Defiant-class light cruiser and in charge of a convoy of transports in a Cadian system. The “Battlegroup” consisted of a light carrier and two Cobra-class destroyers escorting twelve transports to a different system. Unfortunately, his convoy was attacked by Dark Eldar pirates. His father had his fury interceptors and starhawk bombers attack the Eldar force to buy some time. After his all of his spacecraft were destroyed he had his destroyers conduct a garrison defense while the transports and light carrier tried to get away. In the end he had the transports scatter and allowed the remnants of the pirates get close to his ship. In a spiteful and desparate move, the captain activated his warp-drives whiched caused many of the eldar craft to be pulled into the Warp by surprise. It was not known if the Defiant’s Gellar field was functional. However, what was known is that the ship had suffered severe damage while it fought of the pirates. Only three of the transports made it to their destination to tell the tale. Sadly, young Castus would not of his father’s demise until three Terran years later. Anton fills his glass with some more amasec and reads on.
Mother of Castus killed by cultists.
Anton recalls that bit of history. Apparently, some cultists acquired some Cadian weapons and blew up the Administratum building Castus’s mother worked at. There were very few survivors. Tragic, Anton thought, Castus would have already learned how to field strip and fire a lasgun by then. More importantly, his parents were gone and there were no family members that could take care of him. He would never be a Whiteshield in the Cadian military.
Castus inducted into the Schola Progenium.
Anton was not Castus’s teacher initially as most recruits tend to gravitate to the combat aspect of the Schola. Castus scored high on subjects that involved war, the Imperium and the Imperial Navy and Guard. He could recite the Imperial Creed but still was unsure exactly what it meant except maybe the xenos aspect. Less so on physical fitness and endurance. However, Castus insisted he could be a storm trooper and tried to finish that route. It was probably because he hated the Dartk Eldar and Cultists.
Castus transferred to the Commissariat.
Yes, Anton remembers that incident clearly. Apparently, during a training exercise with live ammunition, Castus’s squad was pinned down. One of his squad members has been wounded by a las-round and was badly hurt. Several explosions close by caused the squad leader to get up and run. Castus would have none of that and beat the coward badly with his lasgun. Castus took the squad leader’s sword and lead his unit on to victory. It was later determined that his lasgun was out of ammunition. After that act of courage, he was given over to the Commissariat and Anton’s supervision.
Castus promoted to Custodian
Anton remembers Castus’ promotion. He proved himself capable of being a Cadel Commissar. Unfortunately, there are too many Progena that failed to adhere to the rules or became corrupt. Castus was able to deal with the criminals in an adequate manner. Apparently, he trained with some of the Progena that were learning to become Adeptus Arbites.
Castus promoted to Overseer
Anton remembers talking to the Scholastica Psykana and vouched for Castus’s ability to deal with the dangers of the Warp. Castus, he said, had great willpower and would not let himself or any of the sanctioned psykers be taken by the denizens of the Warp. Dealing with psykers is difficult at best, but necessary for the Imperium. There were several instances where Castus had to save the souls of his charges. However, never once did any psyker become possessed. Sadly, Anton noticed that Castus seemed a bit jaded after being around psykers for so long.
Castus promoted to Junior Commissar
Anton remembers that was a great day for Castus. It was when he replaced his blue sash for a red one signifying that he was a junior commissar and not just a cadet. It was also the day he received his chainsword and bolt pistol. He remembered that Castus passed all of his remaining tests and that for the most part seemed to find purpose in his life. Cadel Commissars placed in his Commissar Training Squad tended to do well on their tests.
Castus graduated from the Schola Progenium
Anton is awakened from his reverie by a knock at his door.The commissar stands and places the file on top of the others.
“Come in,” Anton says
The door opens and in walks an inquisitor and an adept.
“Greetings, Lord Commissar,” the inquisitor says as he shakes Anton’s hand.
“And good day to you as well, Inquisitor,” Anton says. He nods to the adept who nods back.
Anton remembers this Inquisitor as he attended this Schola several years ago.
“I will not bother you for very long,” the inquisitor says as he looks at the files on Anton’s desk.
The adept takes all of the files and begins to walk out of the office.
“Now I remember,” Anton says," your name is Otto Carius. You attended this Schola several years back. You
should be starting your first mission soon."
“Quite right,” Otto says,“In fact I am to accompany some of your graduates to the Segmentum Obscuras after I
leave here. Seems like some type of curse is ravaging a shrine world. They want me to investigate it.”
“You should do well. After all you were one of the top Progena of this Schola, "Anton says.
“Thank you,” Otto continues. “Unfortunately, there have been reports of Chaos activity around the Eye of Terror.
Hopefully it is nothing. After all the Imperium has already had one Dark Crusade this mellinnium.”
“The Emperor protects,” Anton says as he makes the Sign of the Aquila.
“The Emperor portects,” Otto says as he makes the same gesture.
Seconds later Otto leaves and Anton is alone with his thoughts. He walks over to the window and looks down.
The parade ground is empty.

Commissar Castus

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