Commissar Memphis

A Commissar with the 89th and a Blank


Slightly taller than average and very thin. Quick-witted and hot tempered. To the men of the 89th he seems cold and cruel, but the Commissar defiantly inspires the men onward in to battle. His punishment always harsh.

It has also been noted that he is a Blank.


Commissar Memphis is the The Gromlin 89th‘s lead officer from the commissariat. He is one of the few commissars from the same planet as regiment that he is in. He requested this position because of his relationship with the Colonel Johnson. They have known each other sense childhood and their competitive nature is well known in the regiment. He has tried to kill the Colonel on several occasions, saying that it keeps him on his toes. He is cruel and ruthless. He carries out his job with a glee that makes most believe he is insane. He would agree with them. He doesn’t care as long as the mission is completed. He is feared throughout the ranks. During a campaign against the Great Enemy, a battalion of chaos space marines charged his positions. He kept the men under control and charged straight in to the heretics who were overwhelmed, personally slaying the chaos lord. He has no respect for any officers in the regiment other than the colonel, because of this he is often at odds with the others. He knows no one likes him and he likes it that way.

When the plague broke out he was placed in command of the quarantine force and is absolutely ruthless when dealing with the any survivors. He led groups of Rough Riders and squadrons of Hellhounds, purging the city. He encountered his rival Commissar Castus believing that he had been tainted by Chaos. He spent much of his time pursing the Commissar.

In the end, at the climax of the Outbreak, he led elements of the Gromllin 89th in an attack on the Cathedral in a hope to eliminate Loup, General Scimitar and purging 1st Squad. In the process he helped eliminate a Daemon Prince and saved the city of Victoria while at the same time proving 1st Squads innocence.

After the dust had settled and the active regiments were sent off, Memphis apologized to Commissar Castus by sharing a drink with him.

Commissar Memphis

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