General Bayonet

A Severan Dominate General with an expertise offensive tactics


When the Sevran Dominate succeeded Bayonet joined with them believing that they were right. He followed orders like a good soldier and for a very long time thought he was doing the right thing until the Sevran Dominate started seeking aid from Xenos. Bayonet was disgusted but obeyed orders until one day a man named Michael made contact with him. Micheal convinced him that the Sevran Dominate were wrong and that he could be redeemed in the eyes of the Emperor.

Bayonet took this to heart and at a critical moment in the war switched sides with his men. Entire regiments turning against the Sevran Dominate and fortresses opening their gates to the Imperial Guard. Despite this the Imperial officials including 1st Squad did not trust Bayonet. To redeem himself he volunteered what was left of his army to be the front rank soldiers in the final battle against General Saber. During the battle he committed many honorable acts in the eyes of the Emperor including saving Faye.

In the end he paid the ultimate price for redemption.

General Bayonet

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