General Dagger

A Severan Dominate General with an expertise special opperation tactics


As the protege of Malev when he was allied to the Sevran Dominate. He is an expert in torture and surprise attacks.

Because Dagger found no use for General Knives , He convinced him to let himself be implanted with a bomb by making him believe the bomb was actually Xenos technology. He then proceeded to use some of the blasphemous Xenos technology against the Imperial Guard and 1st Squad by cloning himself, recruiting Dark Eldar, taking Major Michael Hogan captive as a distraction and sending in General Knives and blowing him up.

Dagger then retreated to a fortress that 1st Squad followed him to and then led siege upon. Lieutenant Morris was crippled by General Dagger in this siege.1st Squad was then finally able to corner and execute General Dagger.

General Dagger

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