General Knives

A Severan Dominate General with an raid tactics


Clearly a man of noble birth, radiates authority. Made gruff from his constant hit and run attacks he has lost some of the refinement that came with his station.


Knives Was appointed because of his station. He disliked the majority of his men died in most attacks to the point when General Saber decided to place him in command of raids, where it did not matter about casualties as long as the enemy resources were destroyed.

Over the course of the war, Knives made friends with General Dagger. The two worked well together and jumped at the chance to take down the now infamous 1st Squad and Major Hogan. Dagger let slip the location of Knives and first squad was sent in to capture the general.

When he first encounter first squad, he met them with some initial success. He slaughtered the majority of the men that accompanied them in a surprise attack, and captured Faye. He began to interrogate her when the rest of first squad arrived to rescue. He then quickly surrendered.

He gladly handed the information about Daggers base in the mountains. When first squad returned from their encounter, Dagger triggered the explosive the he had surgically put in Knives.

General Knives

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