General Scimitar

A Severan Dominate General with an expertise defensive tactics


General Marcus (Scimitar), an expert in defensive tactics, was used by General Saber to a great degree during the war for Bellum. He adored the Emperor quite well but believed in the Sevran Dominate’s cause and hated that he was branded traitor. Many times during the war, Arthur Wellesley found himself stalled because of Marcus.

In the final battles against the Sevran Dominate Marcus was able to escape. He fled to Victoria, unfortunately, the Plague of unbelief broke out and he was trapped in the city as it was quarantined.

Due to Marcus’ charisma and leadership refugees and survivors flocked to him and it wasn’t long before he ha a small army. Initially he tried to be peaceful with 1st Squad considering the presence of Chaos but 1st Squad considered him traitor and would not deal with him. With Obidiah Hakeswill as his second in command he struck out against 1st Squad. He sent a small force led by Obidiah to get rid of them during which Loup attacked his Cathedral, during which the Cathedral fell on top of him.

General Scimitar

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