Lieutenant Krauss

The Quartermaster of the 14th


A tall, and fit man. Like all of the Krieg soldiers he never removes his gas mask, so no one really knows what he looks like. He is a quiet man and sometimes unnerving and even a little creepy. Never seems to get jokes.

He has a fondness for cookies.


Lieutenant Krauss is, like much the the Death Krops, cold hearted and grim. In the beginning, most of the men found him to be distant, uncaring, and just plain creepy. Soon though most men came to depend on his unwavering, rational mind. Although he is not a front line soldier, he is one of the best fighters of the regiment, and has been called to defend the base numerous times. For a short time he acted as the Medical officer for A company. He is resourceful and knows how to spread the company’s equipment out in the best manner.

He works wonderfully with the rest of his company. He keeps the Armory near the Medicae Facility and helps out there when need. He is on very good working terms with Faye, so much that it could even be called a friendship, which is impressive considering he is a Death Korps of Krieg soldier.

During the Dark Eldar attack on the the 14th’s camp he defended the armory with efficiency and ease. While 1st Squad secured the rest of camp he took care of the wound and made sure what men he came across were quickly armed and ready to fight.

During the campaign against the Orks, very little changed for the Kriegsman. He continued to supply the men and fought when ever he had to.

After the Chaos Invasion, Krauss had to help out more and more in the medicae as casualties began to mount. With the decrease in the supplies, he has been forced to put even harsher restriction on gear and food. He has reported any infraction to Commissar Castus. He has been seen to work even closer with Faye than before, and but still seems to act the same. During the Outbreak he was separated from both the company and Faye.

During the Outbreak he joined up with the Cadian 342nd and Captain Keeghan. When 2nd Squad found him he saw his chance to reunite with Faye.

After Bellum was pacified he was appointed Armory Master of the planet.

Lieutenant Krauss

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