Lieutenant Morris


He is an average Mordian officer.


Morris is a lazy, venal and corrupt officer in the 14th. He relies on the brutal Sergeant Obidiah Hakeswill to run the company and is easily drawn into peculation and other abuses of authority.

Slowly as he worked more closely with 1st Squad, he began to become a more valiant officer.

During the battle at Pusillae, he was gravely injured. He was shot by General Dagger with a splinter pistol. The shot hit his spine and only live thanks to the efforts of Faye. Unfortunately there were no available cybernetics for him and for months he just commanded the platoon in name only.

When the platoon defended an outpost, he left his med-bed and helped hold the line with Obidiah. He gave his life in the defense of the outpost and base.

Lieutenant Morris

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