Lord Commissar Anton

Lord Commissar attached to the Inquisitor


Former teacher to Commissar Castus. Attached to the Inquisitor.


Lord Commissar Anton once ran a Schola years ago, where Commissar Castus was taught. He became the boys mentor. Lord Commissar Anton is the stereotypical commissar of the Imperial Guard. He strongly believes in the Imperial Creed and leads by example. He has many medals to prove his loyalty and bravery (and wounds). He is a model soldier. He understands his importance at the Schola Progenium but longs to be on the front lines again.

When the Inquisitor Otto Carius requested his company, Anton jumped at the chance. Finally he is back on the front lines. Anton accompanied Otto to Bellum, where he got the chance to see his young protegee in combat.

He currently is overseeing the campaign on Bellum and making sure the corruption of Chaos does not spread.

With Bellum pacified Anton left the planet with the inquisitor. Before leaving he promoted Castus to the rank of Lord Commissar and gave him charge over the newly built Schola on Bellum.

Five years later, Anton return with General Michael Hogan. After hearing of some of the troubles Anton offered his assistance.

Lord Commissar Anton

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