A chaos worshiper, psyker, and infiltraitor


A very militaristic man, Loup is always in an old Imperial Guard uniform adorned in wolf pelts. He is very polite and will gladly offer you a cigar. Blind in one eye from a old war wound.


He joined 1st Squad after The Battle of Assaye, as refugee rescued from the orks. He introduced himself as Captain Loup. The army believed him to be a former member of the PDF and welcomed his help. However Commissar Castus remained suspicious of him, since he did not know much about him, and he existed outside the chain of command since he was just a refugee.

Loup did indeed help the 14th on several occasions, and even saved the lives of first squad. During some of the fighting strange things did begin to happen, and at one point Bane felt an uneasiness about him and suspected he might be a psyker. When Bane asked Loup about this, Loup responded by saying he is actually a Colonel and that they have a common enemy in the Orks.

During The 2nd Battle for Victoria when the Chaos Fleet arrived in orbit and Chaos forces began landing on the planet, Loup revealed his true allegiance. He quickly turned on 1st Squad and started using psychic powers on everything that moved. When he tried to use them against Castus, however, he failed and the Commissar turned all his attention on him. He quickly fled the battle and join the main forces of Chaos. He lead them against both the Imperial Guard and the Severan Dominate forces.

During the celebrations of Severan Dominate defeat, Loup made his return leading an army of victims of what has become know as the Plague. His triuphant return was somewhat diminished when Castus shot Loup’s trademark cigar out of his hand. Never the less he turned Victoria in a Chaotic hell hole.

Although unknown at the time, Loup’s goal was Ascension to Daemonhood. He used the Outbreak as cover while he began a ritual that would allow him to Ascend. He then systematically destroyed chapels and churches to form the 8 pointed star with the cathedral at its center. He was forced a few times to deal with the annoyance of 1st Squad yet, he failed every time he tried to defeat them. His work was also slowed due to the tenacity of the forces of Commissar Memphis.

However his plan still came to fruition as he launched his assault on the cathedral. Preforming the ritual in the midst of combat Loup ascended to become a Daemon Prince. Now, with even more power, he began to destroy all his foes around him but due to the valiant efforts and cunning of 1st Squad he was banished to the Warp.


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