Major Michael Hogan

Intelligence officer and Trouble Maker


Hogan is a shorter than average man with a keen intellect. He has a jovial attitude, which masks his unsympathetic strategies.


Formerly a demolitions expert, Hogan was promoted after years of being passed over for promotion. He was transferred to Arthur Wellesley‘s “Exploring Officers”. His real job is as a Spy Master. He is known to be a sweet talker and is, as his job requires, duplicitous. He usually keeps his assets well supplied and protected, he will however easily sacrifice the men if it useful. He usually likes to keep a close eye on the men and usually isn’t far from them when he sends them on missions.

He has sent 1st platoon to hold a mountain pass, during which he observed from a distance. After seeing how they managed themselves he continued to use them in different operations. During The Battle of Assaye he sent 1st Squad to find a ford so the army could flank the enemy. During the fight he showed that he actually does have some combat skill when he took out a mega-nob with a melta-bomb.

During the Chaos Invasion, he has become extremely busy, tracking troop movements, cracking vox frequencies, and finding the perfect places for the army to attack. He has maintain his cheerful manor all the while an has made sure to stay close to 1st Squad when ever he is back at base.

During the campaign against the Severan Dominate forces he sent out 1st squad to capture and eliminate the Blades Generals. At one point Hogan was captured and tortured by General Dagger, but was thankfully saved by Bane and Maliki. He made the contact with the General Bayonet, and showed him the evidence of the heresies that the other generals had committed. Hogan convinced the General and his men to switch sides. During the battle against General Saber he made sure his best men would infiltrated the fortress, so he volunteered 1st squad.

During the Plague break out, Hogan made sure that the Wellesley made it out of Victoria. He then quarantined the city. He had the city surrounded with a detachment of of The Gromlin 89th and placed Commissar Memphis in charge to ensure the containment.

During the Outbreak he tried everything he could to keep in contact with his favorite 1st Squad. He accompanied Second Squad into Victoria to search for them. Once reunited he gathered what information he could and accompanied the Inquisitor out of the city. He then proceeded to convince Commissar Memphis that now was the opportunity to attack. After the war he was made Intelligence Officer for the sector.

Five years later, Hogan return as the regiment he was with was granted a respite. He was all to happy to see 1st Squad, who immediately thought he was bringing trouble. After many assurances he was not, he joined them for many of the celebrations of the Pacification. Sadly, trouble did follow as there was an assassination attempt was made on Wellesley’s life. After the governor was made safe, evidence led Hogan to believe that there was xenos were involved. He sent 1st squad, into the desert to see if what was happening at the mines was related.

Major Michael Hogan

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