A Musical Haemonculus


He is very tall, four armed monster. The skin on his face is stretched to back so his face is pulled in to a constant smile.


Malev is a Haemonculus that came to Bellum to try an recover a fallen Eldar titan. He had already captured and experiment on Eldar Steersmen so that he could use it. He used the Severan Dominate forces to cover his search. During this time he was forced to pander to the Dominate Generals’ whims and assassinate various Imperial Guard personnel.

During his search for the titian he was writing what he called a short opera called “The Torturer’s Apprentice”. He had large musical organ which he would attached to various prisoners, everytime he played a key, it would torture them in some way. Music to his demented, sick, twisted ears.

When Malev learned of Inquisitor Otto Carius presence on the planet, he just had to meet him. He sent Mandrakes led by Stumpy, to seize him and kill a few of the high ranking members of the Imperial Guard. It was during this assault that Malev at last found the location of the Edlar titan he was looking for. When Stumpy returned with out the Inquisitor, he decided to to take matters into his own hands.

He led an attack on the 14th’s camp and captured the Inquisitor. He invited the 14th to his lair to save the Inquisitor. As the 14th made ready to attack his lair, Malev had dinner and made polite conversation with the Inquisitor. This dinner of course involved mindless torture and sadistic mind games, that Malev just did for the fun of it.

Malev used the 14th and The Gromlin 89th’s attack to destroy the Severan Dominate force that were acting as a watch dog. When 1st Squad fought his way through his lair and freed the imprisoned Otto Carius, Malev decided at last to strike. He order all the Dark Eldar under his command to attack both human forces, and make their way towards the city of Victoria and claim the fallen titan.

During The Battle for Victoria, Malev began to ransack and desecrate the tomb of Saint Hathborne. Half buried under the city was his prize, an Eldar Revenant Titan. As the battle raged around him, he slowly excavated the war machine, all while broadcasting his opera across all Imperial Guard vox frequencies. As the Titan ravaged the battlefield 1st squad confronted Malev in the tomb of Saint Hathborne. Malev ignored them until Faye insulted his opera, saying and Ork could do better. 1st squad eventually won the day however, and the Titan began to fall on the tomb. 1st squad evacuated the building and badly injured Malev pulled himself back to his organ and played one last bit of his short opera and was crushed by the Titan.

The last bit of his opera was recorded.
“I’m a modern man these days I find.”
“You have to be awfully cruel to be kind.”
“I’m a modern man, you will agree!”
“It’s either you or me.”


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