Obidiah Hakeswill

Sergeant Major of the 14th Hakeswill


Slightly shorter than average. Hakeswill has a large amount of wounds that he has gain over the years. Some of the most grizzly include: A facial tic from being shot with a shotgun, huge scar in his left shoulder from Ork heavy weapons fire, and large dark scar across his neck where his throat was slit.


Hakeswill was promoted to Sergeant Major by brutalizing the lower ranks and pandering to the whims and vanity of less experienced officers. Outwardly he is punctilious in his military routine and obsequious towards officers, who find him very useful for keeping order among their soldiers. Commissar Castus even considers him a model soldier, and has put him in for a medal. Thus protected, Hakeswill is free to terrorize the soldiers in his units, forcing them to bribe him to avoid floggings for imaginary infractions. He has brutalized many members of the company and has earn the loathing of many of the regular soldiers, with the exception of the few he has in his pockets.

Hakeswill constantly says that he can not be killed, and so far that seems to be true. He has somehow survived countless attempts on his life, some from the enemy, some from his own men. Always though he survived. He attributes this to his mother, who he claims is a saint, protecting him.

When the 14th attacked Malev’s lair. He along with rest of the 14th held back the Dark Eldar as 1st Squad went further into the lair. Somehow Hakeswill survived and even managed to save Lieutenant Keeghan.

During the Ork Campaign, he was up to the same kind of antics. He proved however that he is a very capable soldier. Commissar Castus even saw that he was awarded with a few medals. When Lieutenant Morris was assigned as the new platoon commanding officer, Hakeswill became more bold with his actions. He has framed, beaten, and even killed some of the men who has got in his way. He has never been caught, though. As the Army was retreating back through Victoria, he was separated from the regiment and something happen to him, something that made him even more unstable.

With the exception of Commissar Castus, most of 1st Squad hates him. For the most part he has only tried get them severely punished. Recently however he has become more bold, and maybe even attacked Faye.

During the campaign against the Severan Dominate, he became more vindictive towards his fellow rank and file soldiers. It was during this campaign that he lost one of his only friends, Morris. He clearly took his death badly, and to make matters worse Sargent Harper was promoted to the lieutenant. He now is fed up with a few members as of his platoon, now that he can’t torment them like he use to.

While the Outbreak was occurring, Hakeswill was with 1st Squad. He took every opportunity to get rid of his old rivals in the platoon as Castus entrusted him with more and more jobs that gave him several useful opportunities. When the squad found the Artifacts of Saint Hathborne, Obidiah felt drawn to the Staff of Tempus like so many of the others for unknown reasons. Hakeswell began using the staff in combat as he felt that it held powers of Saint Hathborne.

During one of the many battles at the museum which was led by Loup, Obediah became enthralled while they were resisting a mass possession. Although first squad was able to cast out the demon, Hakeswill’s fate was already sealed and even Castus turned against him. Obediah grabbed the staff as quickly as he could and fled the 1st Squad.

He joined forces with Marcus who welcomed him with open arms and quickly made him his second in command. When a scavenging party found Faye, who was separated from her group, Obediah was placed as her prison guard. But with the help of Sergeant Jurgen, Faye escaped and Hakeswill pursued with ferocity as something had finally snapped inside of him. Faye was successful in her attempt but Sergeant Jurgen was shot and killed in the process.

A small army was then led by Hakeswill to attack the Museum and after a short siege in which he personally killed Private Perkins ,Obediah was forced to retreat due to lack of reinforcements and the timely arrival of Hogan and his squad.

Hakeswill was at the cathedral when Loup attacked as 1st Squad attacked at the same time. He fought alongside Marcus in an attempt to fight off Loup and destroy 1st Squad. He tried to kill multiple members of 1st Squad and even came close to killing them yet again but his plan went to the warp when Commissar Memphis and elements of The Gromlin 89th joined the fight. 1st Squad achieved victory and the warp portal destabilized, bringing down the cathedral on top of Hakeswill.

Obidiah Hakeswill

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