Private Perkins

A young and very lucky young soldier.


Young and very quick. He shorter than the average soldier.


The young mister Perkins joined the 14th just after the events of the The Battle for Victoria. He worked very closely with 1st Squad against the Ork menace. He became know for his marksmanship and was given a Long-Las during the The 2nd Battle for Victoria.

During the campaign against the Severan Dominate, he put his snipping skills to good use for first squad but acted as a “helper” for Faye. He started to spend more time with her, and according to Sargent Harper a bit too friendly with her.

He was with first squad, during the initial Outbreak. During Lupe‘s first attack, he suffered severe burns to his body. At which point he was station as a guard at the museum. During General Scimitar’s attack, Hakeswill sniped the young private from his perch. Despite Faye’s expertise, Perkins bled out. Harper, and Faye swore revenge.

Private Perkins

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