Sargent Harper

Sergeant of the 1st platoon


Harper is a large, fierce-seeming man.


Despite his ferocity in battle, where he seems to embody the berserker energy of legendary, Harper is a kind and gentle man, with a passion for bird watching. When Commissar Castus had to rally the 1st platoon he used Harper to help form an ad-hoc command squad.

When the 14th was tasked to hold the line against the Orks he along with Castus maned the walls. When Orks made a breach he fought like mad to hold the Orks back. He even dragged the Commissar out the way so the troops could fire.

Harper is very well liked in the regiment by both officers and enlisted men. He is know to be a fair but tough man.

During the Chaos invasion, he has taken Private Perkins under his wing and treats him much like an adopted child. He has become very protective of all the members of his platoons.

After the death of Lieutenant Morris he was risen to the rank of platoon commander. The men of of 1st platoon were pretty happy with this decision, with exception of Obidiah Hakeswill. He works very hard to keep the men under his command alive.

Durring the outbreak, Harper was separated from the regiment along with 1st Squad. He became even more protective of his men, but could do very little since most were scattered around the city. When 1st squad went out for supplies, Harper stayed at the museum as guard. When Perkins was killed by Hakeswill, Harper swore he would kill him.

After Bellum was pacified, Harper was made a major in the PDF.

Five years later, Harper has actually grown very accustomed to his new semi-civilian lifestyle, even pursuing a relationship with Sylvia. However, when Faye and castus needed help he was happy to give it.

Sargent Harper

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