A member of the Bellum Aristocracy


A short man with with very little to pick him out of a crowd of nobles.


Simmerson became a colonel of the 14th after the retaking of Victoria as it became fashionable for the aristocracy to join the Imperial Guard. He bought his commission became the lieutenant colonel for the regiment. He treated the lower ranks with contempt and looked for reasons to punish them.

During the 2nd Battle of Victoria he showed complete incompetence and cowardice. It was only his status and station that saved him from the commissariat. Arthur Wellesley nearly killed Simmerson himself for his incompetence. He was “retired” from the guard and placed in charge of a small village.

During the campaign against Severan Dominate, the 14th pursued General Dagger to Pusillae. Unfortunately for the regiment, Simmerson was the new Governor of the city. He treated the officers and 1st squad with amenably enough. He however proved to be vindictive, he deliberately stalled the support for the first assault against the fort hoping that first squad would at the very least get severely injured. However 1st squad found out and removed him from his post. His station once again saved him from executed.

Once Bellum was pacified, Simmerson was appointed the Lord Mayor of Assaye. He takes great pride in the fact that Assaye is now prosperous, even though it had nothing to do with him.

Five years later, Simmerson is now a very powerful political figure. He purchased a platoon of storm troopers to act as his own private security force.


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