A Dark Eldar Mandrake out for revenge

Presumed Dead

Defeated in one on one combat with Commissar Castus.

He is similar to most other Mandrakes, with the exception of his missing hand.


When Malev learned of Inquisitor Otto Carius existence on the planet, he was determined to meet with him. Once learning of a meeting with the Inquisitor and most of the commanding officers in the army, Malev sent Mandrakes.

This particular Mandrake led the attack. He managed to kill many of the buildings occupants and was able to kill a few of the officers he was sent to kill. However due to the efforts of 1st Squad he was unable to get a majority of their targets. Also during this attack, as he was dragging Captain Cramford into whatever shadow realm they live in, Commissar Castus shot off his hand. The men then referred to him as “Stumpy”.

Stumpy returned to Malev and offered his services in exchange for vengeance on the Commissar. When Malev assaulted the base, he returned with him and helped capture the inquisitor. When the 14th and The Gromlin 89th he waited for Commissar Castus to come to him. As Malev escaped Stumpy dueled with Castus. The fight was long surprising and invloved both opponents catching on fire, but the Commissar won the day.

Stumpy is presumed dead, but can a half demon/half xenos die?


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