Warboss Gutzmassha

Ork Warboss leading the orks on Bellum


Gigantic, as most warboss’s are. Dresses in a mix of ork and imperial armor.


Gutzmassha was a cunnin’ warboss and used imperial tactics. He fancied himself a brilliant commander. He certainly was aggressive and smart (for an ork).

He was lured into and attack by Arthur Wellesley and there met 1st Squad. He nearly slew Commissar Castus and stole his hat. For a period Castus was hunting him. When the warboss enter the ruins of Victoria his Whagg!! met it’s end. The Imperial Navy arrived and lanced the city while the majority of the orks.

The Warboss himself met his end in a final attack against the trench line the guardsmen had lain around the city. For a very brief moment the warboss fought along side Castus when Loup revealed his true allegiance. However Gutzmassha continued to attack Castus and was eventually slain by him.

Warboss Gutzmassha

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