The War for Bellum

What Glory Awaits

A new regiment is formed from the what remains of several different ones. The new regiment is called the 14th. Named for the sub-sector of their making. When regiments are joined, it is usually difficult to form the bonds usually formed during training, thus for the 14th a large contingent of Commissars were attached.

The 14th is currently on their way to the planet of Bellum. They are to reinforce the army there and crush both the Orks and the forces of the Severan Dominate. Aboard the transport ship, the 14th began their training exercises.

It was obvious to everyone that the regiment was already having morale problems. During a training exercise Bane injured a member of another squad. Things were not helped by the Legate who kept mocking the men for their “weak fleshy bits”. Commissar Castus kept the men under tight leash after that indecent. During the night a few of the Catachan members from the squad Bane had injured, tried to take revenge. A fight quickly broke with Fortunus, and Legate helping out Bane. Castus quickly broke up the fight and escorted the injured to Lieutenant Krauss, who at the time was also the companies chief medical officer. After reporting to Lieutenant Keeghan and Captain Cramford, Castus informed the them that the men will forge their bonds in battle, and those who don’t will not survive. Cramford acknowledged the report and informed the company to prepare to disembark on Bellum

First Taste of Battle

The 14th makes landfall and moved in the City of Proelium. They were welcomed by the loyalist population, and even welcomed in parade as returning heroes. The regiment set up a base near what is considered the front lines. Captain Cramford informed the men that the city has been in the hands of the Severan Dominate and they will be assaulting a train station.

As the company was deployed to assault the station the men were given their orders. The assault began and 1st Squad quickly overcame the initial defenses. As they moved in on the terminal they realized that the Dominate forces were using the train to continually drop off reinforcements.

Commissar Castus, Zael, and Fortunus moved to take out a communications tower, while Bane and Legate stayed behind to cover them. Legate called in air support to help take out the towers, and soon the sounds of jet engines were heard as they took the first towers. Unfortunately they were Ork Fightas, not the support that was called.

Even with the Orks harassing them 1st squad proceeded and went down to cut power to the entire facility. Legate moved retrieved a flamer and proceed to use the it upon the enemy. Once seccured, Legate began to disable the power, while the rest of 1st Squad defended the area. After shutting down the power, they held until Lieutenant Keeghan reinforced them.

A Dark Patrol

After the battle the 14th, began secure the city of Proelium and set up the patrols. 1st Squad settled down and began to relax. During daily training Bane and Obidiah Hakeswill had a bit of tension, but was resolved rather quickly. Most of the men spent what little time they had, visiting the secured part of the city. Fortunus began to look for his comrade, Aubrey, who had disappeared while on leave.

1st Squad soon was ordered by Lieutenant Keeghan to go on patrol and check on some key loyal citizens that helps keep the city running. As the team investigated they discovered bodies that had been mutilated, yet seem to have been murdered with procession.

After investigating the house the team noticed a figure running from the scene across rooftops. They chased it into the area of the city that had not yet been yet been secured. They lost the trail of the dark figure as they came across the a small group of guardsmen that were running from the Dominate. Commissar Castus summarily executed one and as they stood discussing what to do three Sentinels came around the corner before 1st Squad could get in position.

After the fight they began to return back to base and stumbled on upon a horrific scene. They found several people including and injured Aubrey found sprawled across an alley with horrifying wounds. They brought the injured back to base and quickly made to form up in the parade ground and expect high ranking individuals.

It was then that Lord Commissar Anton and Inquisitor Otto Carius introduced themselves.

Dark Meetings

After the arrival of both Inquisitor Otto Carius and Lord Commissar Anton, A company of the 14th was pulled from front line duties and questioned along with other Imperial elements. After a lot of waiting they were finally called in to be debriefed.1st Squad was sent deep into the bowels of the building, where the meeting was to be held.

When they enter they were greeted by the Inquisitor and the Lord Commissar, and were seated in front of a dozen Generals and Colonels. It was at this time they were introduced to their own Colonel, Arthur Wellesley. After several questions about their recent patrol, 1st Squad was shown a video that confirmed that Dark Eldar were operating in the area. Their orders were to work with Otto Carius in his efforts to eliminate this xenos threat.

As Lord Commissar Anton escorted out of the building, the power was shutdown as they were in an elevator. After finally breaking out of the elevator, they quickly found that the building was under attack. Anton quickly led the way to stairs so they could regroup with High Command. As they made their way through the dark hallways, 1st Squad got separated from Anton and could not find him, they decided to press on.

After some searching they found the communications room, where they found tremendous amounts of carnage. The only survivor be a tech adept, who seemed scared out of his logic circuits. As they tried to make repairs and call for aid, the air suddenly became ice cold and they started to hear whispers. An inky black monster attacked and managed to kill the tech-adept, who was repairing the vox, before being killed itself. 1st squad learned they were dealing with Mandrakes.

1st squad pressed on and eventually linked up with Captain Cramford, before finally making it to the debriefing room where High Command and the Inquisitor had held up. After dealing with a few more Mandrakes, 1st squad reunited with Lord Commissar Anton and received new orders. The captain was to led 1st Squad to the power room where a Magos was trying to restore power to the building.

As the team pressed on they found survivors in various states of sanity. Including one very young cadet who could not have been older than 14. Fortunus decided to care of him. It was also during this time that at one point, Cramford was being pulled into the darkness by one the Mandrakes. Commissar Castus quickly shot creature’s arm off as the rest of the squad held on the captain. They pressed further until they finally reached their objective, where they found the magos already fighting off some Mandrakes. During the fighting, both the captain and Fortunus were killed while defending the Magos. Once power was restored the team retook the HQ.

Intelligence Gathering

Weeks had past since the assault on the Hq, when 1st Squad was finally called in for a new mission. The 14th was going on an offensives. 1st squad was to retrieve an informant, but more importantly the information. The team was given an Inquisitorial Chimera for the mission and they moved out with the rest of the regiment.

During their advance 1st Squad moved through the city streets until the reached a what looked like an obvious ambush spot. The street was filled with rubble and also, the team discovered, mines. As Legate disabled what mines he could while the rest of the squad moved covered him against the sniper fire.

Moving further into the city they received word that some of the platoon was taking heavy fire from enemy heavy weapons and was pinned down. The team decided they had time to support them. They climbed several stories and began to the fire on the opposing heavy weapons. After dealing with the Dominate, they moved back to the Chimera when they triggered some traps.

Moving on, they finally arrived at meet only to find the operative under attack. Legate remained in the as the others tried to rescue the the operative. The team move forward and fought off a group of

Sound the Alarm
A Rescue Attempt
Going Green

Months after the events of the Battle for Victoria, the 14th was once again is called into active duty as the newly promoted Arthur Wellesley takes command of the Army. The army began to move north to deal with a different enemy, Orks.

The General accompanied the 14th towards the newly formed front, against Warboss Gutsmassha. After making camp, 1st Squad went out on patrol. They soon encountered booth Gretchin and Orks with their “kleva traps”. After returning from base they were debriefed about tomorrows battle, where they will take out a Ork base.

Volunteering for night patrol 1st Squad moved, along with Obidiah Hakeswill, through the woods and encountered nothing. Returning to base, they found it under attack by Ork Kommandos. After clearing the area around the armory and the medicae, they joined up with Lieutenant Krauss and moved to secure the General. Meanwhile Faye, remained at the medicae to take care of the wounded. Minutes later an Ork entered the Medicae tent.

Castus, leading the others to secure the base, found the General under attack by Ork Kommandos. Securing him Castus and Krauss returned to the Medicae tent and found Faye wrapping a Ork Kommando in bandages and a Gretchin trying to break into a cookie jar. They quickly dispatched them.

The next day A company moved forward to take out an Ork base. 1st platoon was tasked to attack the base’s right flank. After moving in to position, they could see that they would have to move through a lot of open ground which was covered by Ork heavy weapons. After handing out smoke grenades, the order to attack was given. Moving through the cover of smoke 1st Squad was able to take the first bunker but became pinned down by more Ork weapons. While regrouping they repelled an attack from Gretchin and Squig Bombs. Once night fell they charged once again and began to topple the outer defenses. After moving further into the base 1st Squad encountered a Nob trying to rally the Orks. With the help of Obidiah, the were able to take him out destroy the base. Upon returning to camp Commissar Castus had Hakeswill awarded a medal and Keeghan was promoted to captain.

The Battle of Assaye

Arthur Wellesley‘s army was at last in position to attack Warboss Gutzmassha’s base of operation, the City of Assaye. On opposite side of the river Assaye was the City and the Warboss’s Army. Gutzmassha had position his army in a excellent location, he had covered the only crossings in the river with 100 heavy weapons and guns. Wellesley was convinced that there had to be another ford somewhere, and he would not believe anyone who told him otherwise. So he turn to Major Michael Hogan.

Hogan decided to turn to 1st Squad. Commissar Castus and Faye led a 2 teams down the river to try to find any sort of crossing. Ridding in chimeras and a command salamander, they along with Lieutenant Krauss and Obidiah Hakeswill found a ford in the river being held by Orks. After a short battle 1st Squad took the town and provided a new point of attack.

Wellesley quickly marched the army across the river and formed up on the east side of Assaye. Once the army reformed they advanced using the hilly terrain as cover from Gutzmassha’s guns. The 14th Periphery along with the 2nd Bellum advanced along the right flank with orders to take the city of Assaye.

The 14th Periphery and the 2nd Bellum began to take heavy casualties when the marched into broken ground that was covered in barbed plants. Ork warbikes rushed through the Imperial Guard lines slaughtering as many as they could. When the weapons placed along the wall of Assaye began to open fire on the regiments, the Guard began to falter. Lieutenant Morris seeing the number of men falling around him, decided it would be “prudent” to stay in the rear. He moved back to a safe location and watched he had taken Faye and Hakeswill. Faye noticed that Morris was only pretending to giving orders but being only a corporal, she could say nothing.

Castus meanwhile was trying to push the men forward. He had managed regroup a small group of soldiers and made a make shift command squad, one of whom was Sargent Harper. Both he and Captain Keeghan began to move slowly forward but neither could rally troops to move. It was not until the Mordian 18th armored made arrived to reinforce and Colonel Lawford arrived on scene that 14th and the 2nd moved forward. It was at this time that Morris showed up to help lead, and Faye still had to remain silent.

After breaching the walls Morris decided to take the walls and sent 1st Squad further into the city. 1st squad moved further into the city and took out whatever Orks they encountered. When 1st squad found the slave camp, they radio in the coordinates and began to free as many as they could. During the fight Faye was knocked out of the fight. Castus and Harper pressed on. A huge Meganob rushed them and closed in combat. Further back up the road Faye regained conciseness only to be shot in the back. She looked around for where the shot came from, but found no one. Hakeswill helped her up giving a twitching smile. More and more Guardsmen showed up to joined the fight. It was not until that Hogan arrived and finished of the Meganob that they at last had victory. After returning to the walls they looked over the battlefield and saw the Ork army in retreat. The day was won.

A Sea of Green

Having completed his goal at The Battle of Assaye, Arthur Wellesley moved his army back to the city of Victoria. With Warboss Gutzmassha following so closely behind, the army had to keep moving or be caught by the horde. The problem was the refugees they had rescued was not improving the speed.

After several days of marching, orders were given to 14th Periphery to act as rear guard. 1st Squad began looking for any place to hide the refugees. During this time they found a small group of refugees wearing old gray uniforms with wolf pelts. An old man with one scared eye, introduced himself as their leader, his name Captain Loup.

When the Orks began to attack the rear of the forces, 1st Squad and Loup held the line while the rest of the regiment made there way to a village to hold the line there. Loup and his men proved to be very well trained and disciplined. Pulling back, the 14th began to set up defenses at a small group of villas to hold of the oncoming Ork attack. They quickly tried to set up defenses, with lascannons and autocannons set up in the houses. Castus and Sargent Harper maned the north wall and gate, while Lieutenant Morris, Faye, and Bane maned the largest of three houses. Loup volunteered for his men to join the fight and acted as a reserve. Obidiah Hakeswill climbed up on one of the houses with a long-las.

The Orks attacked in force. The Orks held their attack while their artillery began to bombard the villas. It was not until the Imperial Guard artillery began to fire that the Orks began their assault. Bane and his squad began opening up on the larger targets, the Trukks and the Lobbas being priority targets. Gretchin were launched up the walls to secure the ladders. Wave after wave and the of Orks crashed in to the walls. Trukks were sent to crash through the gate, each failing to make it there thanks to the efforts of the autocannons and the lascannons. It was not until a damaged trukks crashed into the wall and their Ork artillery began to target the weak point that the Orks finally breached the wall. Harper’s squad took heavy casualties and Harper fell from the wall. The Orks began to pour through the breach. Bane began to suppress the area as Castus charged into the breach. As the Guard regrouped, Castus and Harper held the Orks back until the the Guard formed a firing line. Harper dragged the Commissar out of the way as the Guard open fire.

As the battle raged, Faye and Morris were trying there best to hold the Orks off as they tried to break through the windows. Faye desperately tried to help what guardsmen she could, but with Morris demanding she stay close to help him if he needed any help there was little she could but stay there. At around this time Warboss Gutzmassha appeared on the field. Bane began to target him immediately fire upon him. Bane was able to take out both his vehicle and the Warboss’ hat, which just enraged the Ork. The Warboss charged through the breach and the engaged with both Castus and Harper. Both Guardsman could not get through the armor, while reinforcements from the 45th Mordian Armored regiment arrived. While tanks began to ripping through the Orks, Gutzmassha slashed through the Commissar and sent him flying to the ground. The Warboss just picked him up the Commissar’s hat and started to leave. Hakeswill fired a long las a the Ork and missed, but Bane was the only one that noticed that he did miss. Gutzmassha’s eye burst into flames, as what looked like las fire burst into flames. Bane felt something was wrong, and that feeling just made him look at Loup. As Faye rushed to Castus side and provided medical attention, Bane went to up to Loup and asked him who he really was and why he was here. His response was short and simple.
“I am Colonel Loup. I am here because we share a common enemy.”


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