original.pngAssaye was a large city that was taken by Warboss Gutzmassha. Here the Warboss made his base and began to convert it into a “orky city”. Arthur Wellesley marched his army toward him and it was here that he had one of his most decisive victories.

During The Battle of Assaye, Wellesley would have been forced to march into Gutzmassha’s ’eavy gunz if it were not for Major Michael Hogan who had sent elements of the 14th Periphery to find another ford or crossing. Once the army crossed they quickly formed up and advanced on the enemy and Assaye itself. The Imperial guard then freed the city and any slaves they could find.

When Wellesley lured the orks away from Assaye, elements of the Cadian 342nd and The Gromlin 89th occupied the city and began to destroy any trace of Ork presence. The greatfull citizens began to return to normal life and even offered to be the Candian 342nd’s base of operations.

After the war Assaye’s prosperity rose as mining operations from the desert brought in more and more metals to export off planet.


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