Famous Battles

A summary of famous battles during the War for Bellum. Most of which 1st Squad took part in, some are not.

The Taking of ProeliumThe Gromlin 89th with a detachment of the 14th Periphery marched on the main base of the Severan Dominate soldiers in the area.

1st Battle for Victoria – A sudden incursion of Dark Eldar in the main city was repelled by the Cadian 342nd along with members of 1st Squad.

Battle of Assaye – Several regiments of the Imperial Guard take on Warboss Gutzmassha and rescue slaves held at the city of Assaye.

1st Battle for Bellum – The Imperial Navy arrive in system and engage the Ork Fleet

2nd Battle of Victoria – The General’s trap is set and Ork army rushes head long into it.

2nd Battle for Bellum – The Imperial Navy return under the command of a Rogue Trader.

The Defense of ProeliumGeneral Bayonet launches an assault on the city.

The Battle for Pusillae – The 14th takes takes the fort around the city of Pusillae and eliminates General Dagger.

The Storming of Castrum – Elements of the The Gromlin 89th, Cadian 342nd, Plutorian 5th Cavaliers, and the 14th Periphery storm the final bastion of the Severan Dominate.

The Infestation of Victoria – During the celebration of victory against the Severan Dominate, Loup leads and army of Plague victims into the city.

The Purge of Victoria – Commissar Memphis leads a detachment of the The Gromlin 89th into the infected city of Victoria.

Famous Battles

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