Futuristic-City-2.jpgThe City of Victoria is the Capital of Bellum. The city was was found on top of the battlefield where Saint Hathborne defeated the Eldar and claimed the planet in the name of the Emperor. It is rumored that Hathborne and his entourage had to use the entire army just to take down one mighty Eldar warrior.

During the events of The Battle for Victoria it was discovered that the monument that stood over the crypt of Hathborne was actually a piece of a fallen Eldar Titan. Malev tried to seize control over it but thanks to Cadian 342nd, The Gromlin 89th and the 14th Periphery, his plans were stopped.

Due to the battle the city is nothing more than a ruin. The wreckage of the Titan still lies there. General Wellesley formulated a plan the would destroy for the titan and the Orks that were attacking the area, with the aid of the Imperial Navy and the Relief force they brought.

Slowly the Imperial citizens began to rebuild the city. Arthur Wellesley set up his headquarters here during the days of the the Dominate Campaign. When they finally defeated the Severan Dominate forces the celebrations were held here. Unfortunately for the populace, a outbreak of The Plague of Unbelief started a new offensive of the Forces of Chaos.

After almost a year under quarantine, the forces of the Imperial Guard were finally able to eradicate the Chaos forces inside the city. The city was then rebuilt and the new governor’s palace was built there.


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