The War for Bellum

Many years ago the planet of Bellum was brought into the Emperor’s light in a great crusade that formed the Calixis Sector. Now the Periphery Sub-sector descends into civil war and the Spinward Front is formed. Countless regiments are sent to retake the sub-sector and purge the traitors and xenos that have gain a hold there.

The planet of Bellum was not spared from the Chaos of war. The planet rebelled, and soon Imperial Guard were sent to purge the traitors. The situation soon became even more dangerous as Orks, drawn to the combat, invaded the planet and gain air superiority.

Casualties began to mount. Soon whole regiments were torn apart and they could not keep their numbers. Regiments were combined to sustained fighting numbers. Thus the 14th Periphery was born. Men and women were taken from dozens of regiments, to form this infantry regiment. Still forced to fight, the regiment must tread carefully to survive against the enemies of the Imperium, to survive their own officers suicidal battle plans, and to survive own squad mates bright ideas.

Note: Many elements of this campaign are taken from historical battles, and inspiration taken from some novels. Particularly the Sharpe Novels. Mostly for names. Also I own none of the pictures with the exception of the cover picture. Also due to me starting this page late, I have never been able to catch up on the Adventure Log. I continue to put to the “episodes” up but do not post what happen. Hopefully I will be able to give a brief summary of each episode soon.

The War for Bellum

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