1st Battle for Victoria

The Dark Eldar moved quickly, and attacked the captial city of Victoria. The Cadian 342nd was hit hard buy the surprise attack, casualties began to mount quickly.

Command quickly sent in a specialist squad that would later become know as 1st Squad. They infiltrated the city by Valkyrie, only to be shot down by enemy aircraft. They discovered the location of the Dark Eldar commander, Malev. 1st Squad join with the 342nd and attacked the Monument to Saint Hathborne.

As the army approached their target, The monument began to rise from beneath the tomb to Saint. It was revealed that the monument turned out to be a arm to an Eldar titan the Dark Eldar raised to fight.

The Titan began to destroy the Cadian army and the entire city. 1st squad moved in to the tomb and to stop Malev. After costly battle both Malev and the Titan fell.

1st Battle for Victoria

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