Battle of Assaye

IG05_5968_TheWaaaghDescends_SergioCamarenaBernabeu.pngArthur Wellesley‘s army was at last in position to attack Warboss Gutzmassha’s base of operation, the City of Assaye. On opposite side of the river Assaye was the City and the Warboss’s Army. Gutzmassha had position his army in a excellent location, he had covered the only crossings in the river with 100 heavy weapons and guns. Wellesley was convinced that there had to be another ford somewhere, and he would not believe anyone who told him otherwise. So he turn to Major Michael Hogan.

Hogan decided to turn to 1st Squad. Commissar Castus and Faye led a 2 teams down the river to try to find any sort of crossing. Ridding in chimeras and a command salamander, they along with Lieutenant Krauss and Obidiah Hakeswill found a ford in the river being held by Orks. After a short battle 1st Squad took the town and provided a new point of attack.

Wellesley quickly marched the army across the river and formed up on the east side of Assaye. Once the army reformed they advanced using the hilly terrain as cover from Gutzmassha’s guns. The 14th Periphery along with the 2nd Bellum advanced along the right flank with orders to take the city of Assaye.

The 14th Periphery and the 2nd Bellum began to take heavy casualties when the marched into broken ground that was covered in barbed plants. Ork warbikes rushed through the Imperial Guard lines slaughtering as many as they could. When the weapons placed along the wall of Assaye began to open fire on the regiments, the Guard began to falter.

Lieutenant Morris ordered Castus to take his men forward. He had managed regroup a small group of soldiers and made a make shift command squad, one of whom was Sargent Harper. Both he and Captain Keeghan began to move slowly forward but neither could rally troops to move. It was not until the Mordian 18th armored made arrived to reinforce and Colonel Lawford arrived on scene that 14th and the 2nd moved forward.

After breaching the walls Morris decided to take the walls and sent 1st Squad further into the city. 1st squad moved into the city and took out whatever Orks they encountered. When 1st squad found the slave camp, they radio in the coordinates and began to free as many as they could. During the fight Faye was knocked out of the fight. Castus and Harper pressed on. A huge Meganob rushed them and closed in combat. More and more Guardsmen showed up to joined the fight. It was not until that Hogan arrived and finished of the Meganob that they at last had victory. After returning to the walls they looked over the battlefield and saw the Ork army in retreat. The day was won.

Battle of Assaye

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