Sgt Stossen

When Saint Hathborne was first building his retinue he knew he needed a powerful warrior. One truly devoted to the Emperor and whose strength of will was without question. For this he sought out a son of Dorn.

Stossen having heard of the saints deeds, pledged his aid to battle the Emperor’s enemies. Over the years Stossen proved to be a reliable friend and allie. He proved his worth as a warrior countless times. He also gave wise counsel to the saint on military matters.

Amongst some of his notable deeds would be slaying the burrowing beast of Karak after being swallowed whole by the monster.He stood alone against the daemon prince, Kel’vak without the slightest hint of fear. And his escape from the cells of Ezmien.

As famous as his heroic deeds was his stubbornness and his contempt for some of his allies. On more than one occasion he argued with the saint to choose a different course of action sometimes to the point of great cost. One occasion he even refused to work with Saint Hathborne’s trusted companion Tempus calling him foul or even vile.

Fighting by Saint Hathborne’s side for decades Stossen proved himself to be one of the Saint’s mightiest acolytes. The precise details of what happened to him are unknown he followed his master into the deserts of Assay never to be seen again. Hathborne returned only with Stossens weapons and pieces of armour which are currently in the museum of Victoria.

Sgt Stossen

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