Saint Hathborne

inquis.jpgThe venerated and patron saint of Bellum, Saint Hathborne came to this world while it was in the grips of war. Foul xenos were beating the Imperial forces at every turn. It was through his brilliance and leadership that the enemy was soundly defeated. The story of his duel against the monstrosity unleashed by the despicable xenos is still celebrated to this day.

He lead a remarkable group of trusted companions. Each an expert in fields that were useful to the Saint. His most loyal follower and devout warrior: Stossen. The clever and mystical Tempus.

With ingenious planning and unmatched skill, Saint Hathborne and his comrades led the Imperial forces to victory against the xenos in record time. He then took up residence on Bellum, where he continued to support the war to clam the sector.

Peace did not sit well for his companions. They soon began to bicker amongst themselves on what to do about Bellum’s future. The Saint tried to keep peace, but despite his best efforts the arguments turned violent. He was able to stop the fighting and commanded his friends to follow him into the desert to purge themselves of a darkness. Weeks later he returned alone, and grievously injured. He would not speak of what happen to his loyal compatriots. He spent the last of his days locked in his fortress researching a ancient evil.

Saint Hathborne

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